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Why ONA Education?

You may be asking yourself this very question. What can attending ONA education programs do for you? How can our education assist you in your workplace?

The Membership Education and Events Team (MEET) together with the District Service Teams (DSTs), are committed to delivering quality education programs. ONA provides education to its membership throughout the province on a variety of topics. The majority of the workshops focus on what is needed to manage an effective Local. Several of ONA’s workshops may help satisfy members’ obligations under the Quality Assurance Program at the College of Nurses.

The Regulated Health Professions Act requires all regulated health professions to participate in a Quality Assurance Program. Regulated health professionals must demonstrate how they are applying the knowledge to their professional practice. The goals of the ONA education program are to:

  • enhance members’ understanding of how legislation impacts their workplaces and work lives.
  • gain a better understanding of their rights under their collective agreements.
  • understand the structure of the ONA at the provincial, Local and Bargaining Unit levels.
  • understand the governance structure of ONA and how it applies at the Local and Bargaining Unit levels.
  • develop leadership skills to enable members to take on leadership roles within the unit, bargaining unit, Local and provincial levels.
  • develop the skills required to represent members in all aspects of service delivery.

Changes in health-care structure and funding continue to create increased stresses for our members in the workplace. Therefore, we are working to develop and improve ONA programs to assist our members and leaders in developing the skills required to address these challenges as knowledgeable and skilled advocates and leaders.

ONA’s programs are developed from a broad perspective to address member concerns in all sectors of health care -- hospitals, homes and communities. Programs are designed to expose members to the myriad of issues and concerns faced by members in their workplaces. The workshops include exposure to a variety of collective agreement language, grievance arbitration awards, scenarios, role plays, teaching videos and practical exercises, etc. to assist members in the development of contract interpretation and appropriate leadership skills. ONA programs are not specifically tailored to one particular sector or Local.

Leadership Credentialing

What is Leadership Credentialing? What is the process?

With the development of expanded learning pathways, the Ontario Nurses’ Association is offering a credentialing process where members can obtain certificates to show their skills in ONA Leadership.

There are 4 certificates available:

  1. Novice Leadership Skills Certificate
  2. Certificate in Labour Relations
  3. Certificate in Executive Leadership
  4. Advanced Leadership Skills Certificate

Please view our Leadership Credentialing pamphlet (click here to download) to see the requirements for each Certificate.

Members may apply for any of the above certificates by making a written request to Requests will go through an approval process for verification. Successful applicants will receive a certificate upon completion.

Transcripts of completed workshops can be traced back to January 2008. eLearning programs and video lecturette completions can be traced back to January 2012.

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