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Education Contacts

District Service Teams

The District Service Teams (DSTs) are accountable for the logistics of each workshop (booking the location, audio-visual equipment, materials, providing coffee, etc.). The DST works collaboratively with the Region/Local Coordinator(s) to plan the workshop.

There is no cost for ONA members to attend ONA workshops, however reimbursement for meals, travel and salary are determined by Local policy. If you are interested in attending a workshop, contact your Local Coordinator for more information.

Pre-registration is required for workshops. The first step members should take in pre-registering is to notify their Local Coordinator or Bargaining Unit President or designate. Your leader's approval is necessary if you wish to be considered for reimbursement of Meals, Accommodation, Salary and Travel (MAST) as per Local Policy and Local Budget. Besides, leaders should also be aware of your education experience as they develop succession plans.

Members are asked to complete evaluation forms at all education sessions. This information is used by the DSTs and the Membership Education and Events Team (MEET) to evaluate the programs and identify future education needs.

For questions that aren’t answered in the Education section on this website, please call the Membership Education and Events Team contact in your region. First, dial the toll-free ONA number of 1-800-387-5580, then press the respective access number for each team and when prompted, dial the extension of the education contact:

ONA Telephone: 416-964-8833 or Toll Free: 1-800-387-5580


MEET Prime

Labour Relations Assistant

Pat Caldwell, Sudbury
Press 6 and ext. 3123

Sharri-Anne Chevrier, Sudbury
Press 6 and ext. 3128


Donna Eberle, Kingston
Press 2 and ext. 4028

Megan Kirkpatrick, Kingston
Press 2 and ext. 4032


Lorraine Harper, Toronto
Press 0 and ext. 2236

Georgia Katsabanis, Kingston
Press 2 and ext. 4034


Pennee Koczka, Toronto
Press 0 and ext. 2347

Jaclyn Hayes, Hamilton
Press 9 and ext. 5022


Helle Little, Windsor
Press 9 and ext. 5226

Dawn Caille, Windsor
Press 9 and ext. 5227

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