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Through the eLearning format, ONA is offering educational programs and video lecturettes to members and Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA) students which can be completed at their own pace and at times convenient for them.

Certificates now available for Video Lecturettes!

A certificate can be downloaded after the completion of all parts of a video!

Please scroll down to the Promotional Materials section below to view the “How to Download a Certificate” document for instructions.

The platform will require some time to record all of your activity and generate your certificate, so please wait a couple of minutes and refresh your web page for your certificate to become available.

We've Upgraded!

We upgraded ONA’s eLearning platform. All of the programs and videos we offered before are still available, just on a new, visually crisp, upgraded platform with more functions and opportunities!

*** Please see below for updated promotional materials that include a “How To” on downloading your own certificate ***

***Prepare for Bargaining with eLearning!***

The Negotiations Series is now available on ONA’s eLearning platform. From the basics of what every member needs to know, to what to do after a settlement has been reached, this series is a must for all ONA members as we go into a bargaining year!

Also recently launched on the platform are the first 3 programs in the Return to Work Series, and two new video lecturettes: Managing Disruptive Physician Behaviour and Pack a Punch at Labour Management Meetings.

Promotional Materials

Download these documents to learn more about eLearning, share with other members and post on your local bulletin boards!

Questions or Comments

Have questions or comments about eLearning? We’d love to hear from you! Please email or call 1-800-387-5580, Toronto Office, ext. 2365. 

Catalogue of eLearning Education:

Professional Responsibility

Be a P.R.C. P.R.O. (video lecturette)
Understanding Conflict (video lecturette)
How to be both a Professional and a Union Member (video lecturette)
ONA Professional Practice (video lecturette)
Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Allied Health Sector
Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Form – Public Health Sector
Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Form – Homes Sector
Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Form – Community Care Access Centre
Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Form – Hospital Sector
RN/RPN Scope of Practice and the CNO Three Factor Framework (video lecturette)
Pack a Punch at Labour Management Meetings (video lecturette)

Human Rights and Equity

Drop by Drop: Micro-inequalities in the Workplace (video lecturette)
Duty to Accommodate (video lecturette)
Harassment, Mobbing and Bullying (video lecturette)

Health and Safety

Return to Work: Level I: Is your workplace making you sick?
Return to Work Level II: Legislation
Return to Work Level III: Barriers in the Process
Return to Work Level IV: Roles and Responsibilities
Managing Disruptive Physician Behaviour (video lecturette)

Contract Administration

Negotiations Basic: What Members Need to Know
Negotiations Level I: So You Are Elected. Now What?
Negotiations Level II: The Power of Preparation
Negotiations Level III: You are at the Negotiation Table: The Who, What and How’s of Communication
Negotiations Level IV: No Settlement, Off to Arbitration
Negotiations Level V: No Settlement, Strike or Lockout?
Negotiations Level VI: Settlement... Are We Done Yet?
Grievance Level I: So, You Have a Grievance: How Does the Grievance Process Work?
Grievance Level II: A Member Asks “Do I have a Grievance?” Now What?
How to be a Great ONA Unit Representative (video lecturette)
Grievance Procedure (video lecturette)
Voting on your Contract: Ratification Votes (video lecturette)

Running Your Local/Bargaining Unit

Effective Meetings (video lecturette)
Please log on to the platform using the link in Step 1 below:

Steps to access ONA’s eLearning website

All members should review the instructional steps outlined below, to ensure computer compatibility and create an account prior to logging onto the eLearning website. 

Step 1: Go to the eLearning website

To get to the website.


Step 2: Choose “New to eLearning”

Click the “New to eLearning” button on the left side of the page (Figure A).

Figure A



Step 3: Automatic check for minimum requirements

You will see a list of the minimum requirements to use the eLearning website.

If you see only green checkmarks next to all of the items (Figure B) in the “Checking your software” list, click the link below the list to continue to the eLearning website and skip directly to Step 5.

Figure B

If you see a red “X” next to any of the items (Figure C) in the “Checking your software” list, proceed to
Step 4.

Figure C




Step 4: Download new/updated software if necessary

Click the link to the right of the list item that has a red “X” next to it to download the missing requirement (Figure D) and follow the instructions to install the software component that must be added or updated.

Figure D

The minimum software required to be able to access all aspects of the eLearning website must be on the computer that you use. Now is the time to download free, up-to-date versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave website browser plug-ins from the Internet. You should install these upgrades before advancing any further.

Note: You should only upgrade software on your own personal computers. You may not be permitted to download and install upgrades on computers that are provided by an employer. If you are Local Coordinator or Treasurer and have an ONA-provided computer, you will be able to download upgrades from the Internet and install them yourself.




Step 5: Turn off pop-up blocking

Determine whether you’re using a PC or a Mac computer and which web browser you’re using. Follow the corresponding instructions to turn off your web browser’s pop-up blocking function:

PC – Microsoft Internet Explorer

Under the “Tools” menu click “Pop-up Blocker,” then select “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker” (Figure E).

Figure E

PC – Mozilla Firefox

Under the “Tools” menu click “Options…,” then click on the “Content” icon and uncheck the “Block pop-up windows” box (Figure F).

Figure F

Mac – Mozilla Firefox

Under the “Firefox” menu click “Preferences…,” then click on the “Content” icon and uncheck the “Block pop-up windows” box (Figure G).

Figure G

Mac – Safari

Under the “Safari” menu, click “Block Pop-Up Windows” to remove the checkmark (Figure H).

Figure H




Step 6: Create new account

Click on the “Create new account” button on the right side of the page and follow the instructions to create your username and password for the eLearning website (Figure I).

Figure I




If you’ve followed the instructions and still have compatibility problems

ONA members who continue to experience challenges in ensuring computer compatibility when accessing the eLearning website should e-mail:

Staff will monitor this e-mail address and will respond within 48 hours (72 hours if a message is left over a weekend).

Local Coordinators and Treasurers have ONA-supplied laptop computers and may call the ONA HelpDesk for assistance if they experience compatibility problems.


Returning to the eLearning website

Once members have checked their computer compatibility and accessed the eLearning website for the first time, they can enter and leave the program and module they are working on as they wish and as time permits. Each subsequent time that they log on, they will automatically enter the program and module they were last working on at the point where they logged out.

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