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Process for Booking Education by Video Conference

  1. Where possible, video conference sites will be predetermined at the time the session is requested (a minimum of 10 weeks advance notice of the date is required to secure the host site).
  2. When a workshop is requested to be delivered by video conference, the Labour Relations Assistant in the Regional Office needs the preferred location of sites and expected number of members for each site.
  3. Video conference logistics are managed through the Membership Education and Events Team (MEET) Administrative Assistant at ONA’s provincial office.
  4. Staff will make the final determination on the number/location of sites included in the event.
  5. Where there are no registrants for a predetermined site three weeks in advance of the workshop, the site will be canceled to avoid costs.
  6. Where there are no registrants for any site three weeks in advance of the date of the workshop, all sites will be canceled.
  7. The Local Coordinator and the MEET Prime will identify “member leads” for each site.
  8. Materials may be shipped directly to members or to the site.
  9. Shipped materials will include a stamped addressed envelope for the return of evaluations forms/sign-in sheets, etc.
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