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Health & Safety Legislation

Provincial Legislation

The following is a list of selected provincial statutes and their subordinate regulations that are often referred to by ONA members. It is not a comprehensive list. For a complete listing of consolidated and source law for the Province of Ontario, please use the e-Laws website that is maintained by Service Ontario.


Occupational Health and Safety Act


Health Care and Residential Facilities

Industrial Establishments

Needle Safety

Critical Injury Defined

Construction Projects

Control of Exposure to Biological or Chemical Agents

Designated Substance - Asbestos on construction projects and in buildings and repair operations

Designated Substances

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

X-ray Safety


Public Hospitals Act


Hospital Management


Workplace Safety and Insurance Act


Health Protection and Promotion Act


Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act


X-ray Safety Code

Federal Legislation

The following is a list of selected federal statutes that are often referred to by ONA members. For a complete listing of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada, please use the Justice Laws Web Site that is maintained by the Department of Justice.

Criminal Code

Nuclear Safety and Control Act

Radiation Protection Regulations

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