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Human Rights & Equity

Our Team
The Human Rights and Equity Team is a diverse group of members and staff bringing forth a rich mixture of knowledge and experience that the team members possess. Our Team's Vision is to:

  • provide a venue for fair and impartial consideration of issues, including member-to-member harassment.
  • respect and value the diversity and integrity of the Team, ONA members and staff.
  • promote ONA as a leader in human rights/equity issues in Ontario.
  • be accountable to membership and staff through the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer/Chief Administrative Officer.
  • promote increased involvement of the equity groups in the activities and leadership of ONA.
  • further ONA's Vision.

The team is comprised of 10 team members (six from membership and four from staff) allocated as follows:

  • Chair: Vice-President, Human Rights and Equity Portfolio
  • Designated Membership Equity Groups:
    • Members of Aboriginal Descent.
    • Members with Disabilities.
    • Francophone Members.
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Members.
    • Racialized Members.

Note: Every effort will be made to ensure there is membership representation from each of the designated equity groups.

  • Human Rights/Equity Specialist and Labour Relations Assistant from the Provincial Services Team (staff).
  • One member from Strategy Team/Team Managers (staff).

Your Team Members

  • Pam Mancuso, Vice-President, Region 1 (Human Rights and Equity portfolio)
  • Linda Haslam-Stroud (Ex-Officio)
  • Melissa Grenier
  • Jackie Chesterman
  • Colleen Taylor
  • France O'Connell
  • Brigitte Goar


  • Kapil Uppal, Project Manager
  • Lisa Siciliano, Administrative Assistant
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