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Human Rights & Equity Teleconnects

Teleconnects are offered over the course of the year addressing key issues in ONA members’ workplaces in the areas of discrimination, harassment and accommodation. All ONA members are entitled to participate. Registration information is emailed to Bargaining Unit Presidents, Local Coordinators and Human Rights and Equity Reps about one month prior to the teleconnect. This information is also posted on the ONA website on this page.

The format includes an education session followed by a question-and-answer period for participants to raise specific issues. The presentation PowerPoint slides and other related materials are available for members to download after each teleconnect. Questions about the teleconnects should be directed to

Past Teleconnect: April 29, 2015: "The Duty to Accommodate - A Roadmap" Accommodation and Return to Work - A Guide for ONA Members

This is ONA’s newest Guide.  It was prepared to assist union advocates who are representing injured members, members with a disability returning to work after being on sick leave, long term disability or WSIB benefits as well as members who have a disability, but have not lost time at work. This session will provide an overview of the Guide focusing on the principles of accommodation and its foundation in human rights law as well as practical, tips and strategies.

Document Download: "The Duty to Accommodate - A Roadmap", April 29, 2015

Past Teleconnect: September 30, 2014: Harassment and Mental Health in the Workplace 

Understanding the evolving legal recognition of harassment and bullying as workplace hazards under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (including the Bill 168 amendments) and the Workplace Safety Insurance Act.

Document Download: PowerPoint Presentation: Harassment and Mental Health in the Workplace

Past Teleconnect: May 21, 2014: “Charted” Territory: The Employer’s Pursuit of Medical Information: How Much is Too Much?

Understanding the issues of confidentiality and privacy which arise when employers request medical information during the accommodation or return-to-work process.

Document Download: PowerPoint Presentation: “Charted” Territory: The Employer’s Pursuit of Medical Information: How Much is Too Much? 

Past Teleconnect: January 22, 2014: The Essential 40-minute Human Rights Refresher

Dealing with numerous and complex forms of discrimination and harassment can feel like an overwhelming challenge. This session reviewed how to identify human rights issues in your workplace, how various concepts are defined by human rights adjudicators, and how to better understand the duty to accommodate disability, creed or family status.

Document Download: PowerPoint: The Essential 40-minute Human Rights Refresher
Document Download: Resource Material: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Past Teleconnect: September 26, 2013: Human Rights Investigations: Nothing but the Truth?

This teleconnect provided an overview of human rights investigations and offer practical advice on managing the process. Learn what to do, what to ask and what to avoid.

Document Download: PowerPoint: September 26, 2013
Document Download: Human Rights & Equity Scenario, September 26, 2013

Past Teleconnect: June 25, 2013: Why do Employers want to rush you back to work following a WSIB injury or illness?

Al Bieksa, Director of Training Services from the Occupational Disability Response Team, provided an overview of experience rating – a program where an employer can earn either lump sum refunds or surcharges based on their individual accident performance. He explained how some employers have avoided surcharges and explain why employers push an early return to work, a strategy that often results in increased recurrence rates and further increases the duration of a WSIB claim that affects their experience rating.

Document Download: PowerPoint: Why do employers want to rush you back to work following a WSIB injury or illness? 

Past Teleconnect: February, 13, 2013: Personal Harassment and the Law

This teleconnect provided an overview of the relevant legislative and contractual provisions regarding bullying and personal harassment and reviewed recent case law examining the workplace harassment and violence provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Document Download: Personal Harassment and the Law PowerPoint Presentation

Past Teleconnect: Is Ageism Affecting Your Workplace?

Understanding and Respecting Generational Differences Among Healthcare Professionals

This teleconnect was based, in part, on a research study conducted by the Canadian Federation of Nurses with the goal of creating mutual understanding and respect among the diverse generations of nurses.

Document Download: PowerPoint: Understanding and Respecting Generational Differences Among Healthcare Professionals - ONA Human Rights & Equity Teleconnect - September 11, 2012
Document DownloadResource materials: Understanding and Respecting Generational Differences among Healthcare Professionals - ONA Human Rights & Equity Teleconnect - September 11, 2012  

Past Teleconnect: Tuesday, June 19: Putting the Brakes on Attendance Management: What is Permissible?

ONA Human Rights and Equity Vice President Andy Summers moderated this teleconnect. Pauline Lefebvre-Hinton, HR&E Specialist and Colin Johnson, Litigation Team Leader provided an overview of the many aspects of employer’s attendance management programs as well as the principles and case law underlying these programs.

Document DownloadPowerPoint: Putting the Brakes on Attendance Management Programs.

Past Teleconnect: Bullying in the Workplace

This teleconnect provided an understanding of the destructive phenomenon of bullying in the workplace and how the union can assist members experiencing bullying in their respective bargaining units.

Document DownloadONA presentation slides: Bullying in the Workplace, February 7, 2012

 Past Teleconnect: Understanding the Duty to Accommodate Disability and Family Status

Document Download: The duty to accommodate family status in the workplace, September 26, 2011
Document DownloadThe duty to accommodate disability in the workplace, September 26, 2011

Past Teleconnect: Understanding Bill 168: Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

Bill 168 - Violence and Harassment in the Workplace. We examined ONA’s obligation and provide an understanding of the employer’s responsibility under the Bill. To ensure members are aware of recent amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) which came into force on June 15, 2010.

Document DownloadAgenda: Understanding Bill 168, March 31, 2011
Document DownloadWorkplace Violence and Harassment: Understanding the Law
Document DownloadChapter 23 Act to Amend OHSA 

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