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What is Ailing Ontario Health Care? Nurses Know

February 16, 2016

Ontario registered nurses know what is ailing Ontario's health-care system and urge the public to recognize and speak out regarding the special role their care plays in health care.

On Family Day, the Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) launched new television, radio, transit, print and social media ads across the province. The ads celebrate the dedication, knowledge and skills registered nurses (RNs) possess and the challenges they face as they provide quality, compassionate care.

ONA President Linda Haslam-Stroud, RN, says that ONA's Nurses Know campaign, "says it all in one, simple phrase. Nurses know what is ailing our health-care system. Nurses also know the cure. As this province continues to starve hospitals of funding, nurses know the impact on patients. By signing our on-line petition, Ontarians can support our call for an end to RN cuts, restoration of adequate hospital funding and a funded, multi-year plan to increase the ratio of RNs-to-population.

"Hospitals across Ontario continue to announce round after round of RN cuts, 406 of them in 2016 alone, leaving patients vulnerable to an increased risk of suffering complications and death," says Haslam-Stroud.  "Nurses know that patient care is suffering because we see it on the front lines each and every day. The question is, do we value our health care enough to speak out against the cuts that are doing so much harm?"

The campaign focus is on the professionalism of RNs, their medical knowledge and advanced education that qualifies them to care for patients suffering from complex illnesses with unpredictable outcomes, like patients in hospitals. ONA urges concerned Ontarians to take action for better care by signing an on-line petition or contacting their MPP.

ONA's 60,000 registered nurses and allied health professional members, nursing students, friends and supporters will be taking the campaign to their local communities, holding events to engage their communities, speaking to decision-makers and local media.

"Nurses know that every patient deserves the best quality care possible," Haslam-Stroud says. "RNs will continue to try to make Ontario's health-care system better, and we ask Ontarians to join us."

Visit to learn more, view the ads and take action.

ONA is the union representing 60,000 registered nurses and allied health professionals, as well as more than 14,000 nursing student affiliates, providing care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health, the community, clinics and industry.


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