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Election results for Nursing Homes Central Negotiating Team

January 06, 2016

The following are the results for the 2016 Nursing Home Central Negotiating Team: 

Region 1

Sandra Grandmont, Local 13
Votes Cast: 12

Judith Wright, Local 14
Votes Cast: 20 - Elected

Region 2

Frances Benson, Local 105
Votes Cast: 7

Jacquelin Dales, Local 31
Votes Cast: 5

Marie Helene Deskes, Local 214
Votes Cast: 5 

Jean Pilon, Local 42
Votes Cast: 20

Shelley Vandenberg, Local 3
Votes Cast: 28 - Elected

Region 3

Mary Clarke, Local 111
Votes Cast: 58 - Elected

Carolyn Turner, Local 124
Votes Cast: 45 

Region 4

ACCLAIMED: Jean Kuehl, Local 15

Region 5

ACCLAIMED: Sandra Kravets, Local 8

Please join me in congratulating the successful candidates, as well as all the other candidates for their interest and involvement in this election.

Marie Kelly
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Administrative Officer


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