Community Care Access Centres

The Ontario Nurses' Association represents members in 10 of the 14 Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) in Ontario. The majority of members are Case Managers and Placement Coordinators. There are a number of bargaining units with other allied workers. Members in this sector have the right to strike if they reach an impasse in bargaining and their employers have the right to lock them out. 

Home Care Providers

Home care providers are usually employed in Homes for the Aged which are "not-for-profit" long-term care facilities. There are two types Charitable homes; and Municipal homes. Since, July 1, 2010 these facilities are governed by the Long-Term Care Homes Act (2007). Members in this sector have the right to binding arbitration under the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act if they reach an impasse in bargaining.


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