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Labour Relations & Negotiations

Click here to download the Hospital Central Agreement, expiry March 31, 2016

Download the French version of the Hospital Central Agreement, expiry March 31 2016 here

Access the list of Local Hospital Collective Agreements here

Labour relations and negotiations are important parts of ONA’s role as your representative. As members, your contract defines the parameters of your work. As your union, it’s our job to negotiate the best contracts possible. We continuously strive to improve and enhance your work life.

Working Together

Arbitration award re: Hospital Central Collective Agreement
Toronto - May 02, 2014

Arbitrator William Kaplan's April 30 award, setting out the terms and conditions of employment for approximately 58,000 registered nurses working at 139 Ontario hospitals, was presented to the local elected representatives of members of the Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) on May 2 at a hospital sector meeting in Toronto.

Highlights of the award, the full award document, and the new draft hospital central collective agreement are available for downloading.

There are 139 hospital bargaining units that participate in central bargaining with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). There are 11 non-participating hospitals: Homewood, Lakeridge Allied, Shouldice, Weenybayko Area Health Authority, Chapleau Clerical Unit, McCall Centre for Continuing Care, PMH Radiation Therapists, London Health Sciences Allied, London Health Sciences  Educators, Trillium Health Partners and Halton Healthcare. Members in this sector have the right to binding arbitration under the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA) if they reach an impasse in bargaining.

Status of Negotiations

Click here for the current Hospital Central Agreement expiry, March 31, 2016. 

Download the French version of the agreement here.

Members’ Resources

Local appendices to collective agreements with hospitals
Questions and answers document regarding the “Student Supervision Premium” - Article 9.08(a) in the Hospital Central Collective Agreement (revised February 13, 2009)
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