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Respect for nurses and the value of our work must be front and centre

November 7, 2012

On behalf of the Ontario Nurses' Association, I want to take this opportunity to thank Premier McGuinty for his many years of public service.
In the next few months, important decisions will be made that will have a significant impact on the working conditions for nurses and our ability to provide safe and quality care. A quality work environment equates to better health outcomes for our patients.
Respect for nurses and the value of our work must be front and centre in our discussions with the government on valuing public services. Our democratic right to collectively bargain our terms and conditions of work, to value our worth, through negotiations with our employers, is fundamentally at stake. Nurses will stand together to protect our democratic rights.
Ontario nurses will also be keeping a close watch on the statements being made regarding a vision for the future of our health care system. Frontline nurses understand the barriers and challenges to address as we move forward to improve the system to meet the needs of our patients.
It is our sincere hope that all parties take advantage of our frontline knowledge and consider our advice when developing their plans for the delivery of health care services in Ontario. Our patients expect that consultation to happen without delay and we will be advocating that their needs must be the focus of the discussion on solutions.

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