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Professional Practice Resources

Independent Assessment Committee Reports

Visit this new page for a complete list of the Independent Assessment Committee reports.

General Resources and Tools

The following are provided as further reading and more information about professional practice:

Document Download (.xls):
Professional Responsibility Complaint Tracking Tool (letter size), updated December 2013 
Document Download (.xls): Professional Responsibility Complaint Tracking Tool (legal size), December 2013
Document Download: National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada position statement regarding the role of RPNs in the surgical pre-admission clinics, April 2013
Document Download: College of Nurses of Ontario Letter Template regarding Professional Responsibility, November 2012
Document Download: How to Prepare for a Job Interview, May 2012
Document Download: Professional Responsibility Action Plan Template, March 2012
Document Download: RN, RPN Scope of Practice Research Synopsis, updated February 2014
Document Download: Experts & Evidence: Opportunities in Nursing - CFNU, September 2010
Document Download: Professional Responsibility KISS (Keep It Simply Succinct) - ONA, October 2010
Document Download: MOHLTC Surge Capacity Management
Document Download: Surge Capacity Management Toolkit 2.0


CNO Quality Assurance Guidelines 
Guidelines for Public Health Nurses Working with Lay Home Visitors 
Optometrists and the Use of Theraputic Pharmaceutical Agents 
Public Health Nurse Position Description 
Replacement of Registered Nurses by Less Prepared Providers

Posted April 19, 2011: "Nurses have proved they are a powerful profession." This opinion article, published by Nursing Times, provides thoughtful commentary that the image of nursing is changing to one that is full of passionate and dedicated professionals.

Posted April 4, 2011
: Abstract to special article: New England Journal of Medicine. 2011; 364:1037-1045. Nurse Staffing and Inpatient Hospital Mortality

Practice Guidelines

 Document Download: CNO Practice Guideline - RN and RPN Practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment - 2011
Document Download:
CNO Practice Guideline - Working With Unregulated Care Providers - 2011

Presentation Slides

Document Download: Presentation - RN/RPN Scope of Practice: Managing Issues at the Bargaining Unit Level


Professional Responsibility Decision Trees

Professional Responsibility Decision Tree: A Strategy for Resolving Hospital Workload Complaints, September 2014
Arbre de décision des responsabilités professionnelles: Stratégie pour résoudre les plaintes relatives à la surcharge de travail dans les hôpitaux, septembre 2014

Long-Term Care Decision Tree - Professional Responsibility (September 2014)

Public Health Unit Decision Tree - Professional Responsibility (September 2014)

Community Care Access Centre Decision Tree - Professional Responsibility (September 2014)


Selected Readings: RN Theories and Arguments

Document Download: Economics of Nursing, by Linda H. Aiken, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice, May 2008
Document Download: Evaluation Framework for Nurse Staffing Scheduling Models
Document Download: Nursing Scope of Practice
Document Download: Nursing Workforce Utilization
Document Download: Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice
Document Download: Quality of Care for the Treatment of Acute Medical Conditions in US Hospitals
Document Download: RN-RPN Utilization Toolkit, 2009
Document Download: The Association of Registered Nurse Staffing Levels and Patient Outcomes

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