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Front Lines
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Download: July 2015 

In this issue:
-ONA launches More RNs campaign
-RNs launch campaign after Nipigon hospital turns a blind eye.
-ONA fearful for patients as Ontario budget freezes hospital budgets ... again.
-Updates to our Workplace Violence Prevention Campaign.
-Late career nursing initiative updates.
-Awards, wins and much more.

Front Lines - May, 2015

In this issue:
-CCAC members shown respect as ONA wins!
-Members feel passion for ONA thanks to leader's "hard work"
-Peterborough Public Health Nurses avert strike
March PCM reflects on strike that was
-ONA urges RNAO to stop pushing for closure of CCACs
-Are nurses required to self-report an addiction?
-ONA's WSIB team's new and improved appeal process
-Awards, wins and much more.

Document Download: Feature - Violence should NOT be part of our job (May 2015)

March 2015 Front Lines

In this issue:
-CCAC Members Strike for Fairness
-Nursing Home Members Awarded Wage Increase
-ONA calls for increased hospital funding in pre-budget consultations
-Workplace Violence escalates: ONA demands action now!
-Awards, wins and much more.

Document Download: 
ONA Constitutional Amendments passed at the 2014 Biennial
Document Download: Nursing Home Award and Settlement


January 2015 Front Lines

In this issue:
-ONA leading the charge on Ebola preparedness.
-Nursing Homes arbitration award expected in February.
-Members rally around fired public health nurses.
-Awards, wins and much more.

Document DownloadBiennial Convention 2014 President's Report
Document DownloadBiennial Convention Photo Spread

Front Lines Volume 14, Number 5 - November 2014 

In this issue:
-CCAC members need your support!
-Region 1 and Region 3 members - Vote for your Regional VP
-Nursing Homes mediation ends; arbitration next
-ONA member named Nurse of the Year for spearheading Overdose Program
-Expert RN nursing panel finds RN staffing "inadequate" at Humber River Endoscopy Units
-Member's tribute song to brother-in-law raises awareness for suicide prevention
-ONA member cleans up dirty issue
-Pay Equity: Nursing Homes - ONA fights to end pay discrimination
-Read about awards, settlements and much more.

Document Download: Dual Dues Insert - Is Money Owed To You?

Front Lines Volume 14, Number 4 - September 2014 

In this issue:
-Nursing Homes contract talks break down
-ONA Bargaining Unit Presidents working hard for you
-Expert Panel issues recommendations for first time at CCAC
-Workload settlement will see positive changes in Sault Hospital Labour and Delivery Unit
-"Masking" the problem: where we're at with the flu vaccine
-Public health members concerned with revised medication practice standard
-Read about awards, settlements and much more.

Document Download: Feature Section September 2014: Challenges and Rewards of Home Care Nursing

 Front Lines Volume 14, Number 3 - July 2014 

In this issue:
-Arbitrator rejects OHA concessions in hospital award
-ONA members help stave off Hudak win
-Add additional RN hours, Nipigon IAC recommends
-ONA members remember fallen RNs, workers
-PRC settlement results in positive changes for endo nurses
-Read about awards, settlements and much more.


Front Lines Volume 14, Number 2 - May 2014 

In this issue:
-Hospital contract in the arms of Arbitrator.
-Reinstate RNs as leaders, Rouge Valley IAC recommends
-Members narrowly avert job action
-Read all about key awards and decisions.
-Much more!

Document Download: Front Lines Vol. 14, No. 2 · May 2014
Document Download: Feature Section May 2014 Join us in the Fight for More Nurses, Better Care!

Front Lines Volume 14, Number 1 - March 2014 

In this issue:
-ONA Campaign calls for more nurses now!
-Post-Acute patients need RN skills, Rouge Valley IAC hears
-Class action for CCAC members settled.
-End RN cuts and hospital under-funding, ONA says in pre-budget submission.
-Read all about key awards and decisions.
-Much more!

Document Download: Front Lines Vol. 14, No. 1 · March 2014

Past Issues of Front Lines

Past issues of Front Lines are available for you to download as PDF files on the this page.

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