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Ontario Nurses' Association has developed Position Statements on a number of topics facing the nursing profession today

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Photography, video taping and audio taping of ONA members providing care The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) takes the position that all employers should have a Photography, Video and Audio Tape Recording Policy. (January, 2012) Photography, video taping and audio taping of ONA members
Rural and Northern Health Care ONA’s submission to the Rural and Northern Health Care Panel provides a holistic nursing perspective on the challenges to health and health care in our northern and rural areas. ONA’s research has found that Ontario needs a comprehensive approach linking socio-economic, environmental and health issues to health care in remote and rural areas. (March, 2011) Rural and Northern Health Care
The Duty to Report to RHPA ONA believes that the labour relations context of communication between union representatives/members and ONA members is legally privileged information and therefore not disclosable to the member of the respective colleges. (September 2003) Duty to Report
Privatization ONA has long held that health care should be delivered through publicly owned and not-for-profit organizations, under the guiding principles of the Canada Health Act. We believe that the proliferation of private, for-profit delivery of health care services is a threat to our cherished Medicare system and must be stopped. (September 2003) Privatization
Harassment in the Workplace In accordance with our Statement of Beliefs, the Ontario Nurses’ Association believes it is the right of all members to work in an environment that promotes dignity and respect for everyone. (December, 2011) Harassment in the Workplace
Primary Care ONA believes that primary health care reform is urgently needed to address the problems Ontarians have in accessing health services. (June 2000) Primary Care Reform
Statement on Peer Review The Ontario Nurses’ Association believes performance appraisals/evaluations of employees are the responsibility and function of management. Grievances should be filed whenever ONA members are required to do performance appraisals of other employees. (December 2011) Peer Review
The Generic Health Care Worker A brief statement and rationale to explain ONA’s position on the use of generic health-care workers. Because patient populations, acuity of illness, current staffing mix, working conditions and supervision differ so much between the three sectors - hospitals, long term care and community care - the manner in which health-care workers other than registered nursing personnel may be most effectively used will differ markedly. (June 1995) Generic Health Care Worker
Objection to Work Assignment for Religious Reasons ONA supports the right of its members to object to work assignments for bona fide religious reasons and to be accommodated in the workplace. (December 2006) Objections for Religious Reasons
Hallway Nursing/ER Overcapacity The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) has long held the belief that health care employers must provide a quality work environment that allows nurses to care for patients according to best practices and to meet the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) standards. We believe hospital overcapacity protocols that result in hallway nursing put patients and nurses at increased risk and must be stopped. (December 2007) Hallway Nursing/ER Overcapacity
The Image of Nurses

The Ontario Nurses' Association is committed to ensuring the image projected of nurses in advertising and by the media is a positive one, reflecting our true value to our profession. ONA believes negative portrayals of nurses discourage people from entering and remaining in the profession and diminish the worth of nurses to the very people for whom they care. It is ONA's position that nurses must be integrated into public policy development and decision making at all levels of health care organization and government.

Image of Nurses (Oct 2013)
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