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ONA Research Series

This new series features ONA's research, analysis and recommendations on a range of labour and public policy issues including the determinants of health, health systems, public services and the economy, nursing labour force development, and labour rights around the world.

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The Cycle of Sacrifice: Nurses' Health and the Ontario Health System - May 10, 2013

Based on the accounts of front-line registered nurses and descriptive statistics, this research paper demonstrates that though the constant care of RNs is relied upon more than that of any other health professionals, the health of RNs is routinely sacrificed in the Ontario health system.

The "cycle of sacrifice" is a conceptual tool used to explain how Ontario's second lowest RN to population ratio in Canada is causing overwork, stress and high rates of work-induced injury and illness for RNs employed in Ontario hospitals, long-term care, and community health facilities. The key recommendation made to cure the situation is to create and fill 15,500 new RN positions in Ontario, thereby bringing Ontario's RN to population ratio up to the average in other Canadian provinces.

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Easy to take for Granted: The Role of the Public Sector and Carework in Wealth Creation - October 11, 2012

This paper raises for discussion the hidden and under-recognized role of the public sector and carework in the creation of wealth in Ontario. As public services, public infrastructure, and carework are typically taken for granted in daily life as well as in policy discussions on economic growth, the paper provides data demonstrating the centrality of the public sector and carework in economic and human development.

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Fixing the Fiscal House: Alternative Macroeconomic Solutions for Ontario - January 10, 2012

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Backgrounder: Labour Law, Trade Unions and Workers' Actions in China Today - May 30, 2011

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Valuing the Invaluable: Rethinking and Respecting Caring Work in Canada - May 5, 2011

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Health and Health Care Needs in Rural and Northern Ontario: A Holistic Nursing Perspective - March 17, 2011

This paper provides a holistic nursing perspective on the challenges to health and health care in our northern and rural areas. ONA’s research has found that Ontario needs a comprehensive approach linking socio-economic, environmental and health issues to health care in remote and rural areas. 

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