The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) is pleased to accept applications for attendance at our Leadership Summit – Activist Stream. We encourage any member who has an interest in ONA, particularly those who have had little to no engagement with ONA, to think about applying for this fantastic learning opportunity!

The conference will be held at Oakwood Resort, 70671 Bluewater Highway, Grand Bend, ON, N0M 1T0, September 16 – 20, 2019.

The Activist Stream will provide a variety of activities and interactive educational experiences that will introduce members to ONA, sparking their interest in ONA’s work and igniting their pride as ONA members. A variety of guest speakers will engage with learners in key areas including:

  • Exploring activism and advocacy
  • A glimpse into the history of Canadian unionism
  • Valuing unionism and the gains made by the labour movement
  • The attack on unions
  • ONA's history – 45 years proud
  • Getting to know your union: How ONA supports members. ONA at work, ONA in Ontario
  • ONA human library
  • ONA allies within the labour movement
  • ONA members make a difference…making things better for our patients and our communities
  • Telling your story

Participants will be given the opportunity to develop a group presentation reflecting their learnings and how they will use the information to inspire and engage other members in the theme "I’m In. Stronger Together.”

For each member accepted into the stream, the cost (salary replacement, travel, meals and accommodation) within policy are covered by ONA. There is no expense incurred by the Local for participation in the Activist stream. Note: Salary is covered for time lost from scheduled tours (Monday-Friday, unless approved otherwise.) Travel by the most economical route (we will assist with this planning), meals and accommodation provided.

Selected participants will need to obtain a leave of absence from their employer.

This stream is limited to a maximum of 25 registrants.

Expression of Interest

Please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form below. The deadline for submitting the form is May 30, 2019 @ 1200 hrs. Receipt of forms will be acknowledged by email. All candidates will be notified, by email, of the status of their application no later than June 26, 2019.

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