Fairness for Waterloo Public Health Nurses

The 131 Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) members – including Public Health Nurses, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Specialist Registered Nurses – who work for Region of Waterloo Public Health have been seeking a new contract since last June.

Talks were held on February 28 but ended after the employer tabled unacceptable concessions and refused to listen to nurses’ proposals.

Public health nurses need to be respected and treated fairly by the Region of Waterloo.

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I Support Fairness for Public Health Nurses - Stop Demanding Concessions

Dr. Liana Nolan, Commissioner/Medical Officer of Health; Matthew Sutcliffe, Director, Employee Relations; Ken Seiling, Regional Chair; Regional Councillors: Dave Jaworsky, Berry Vrbanovic, Helen Jowett, Doug Craig, Geoff Lorentz, Karl Kiefer, Jane Mitchell, Karen Redman, Les Armstrong, Sue Foxton, Joe Nowak, Sean Strickland, Sandy Shantz, Tom Galloway, Elizabeth Clarke

Ontario Nurses' Association

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