The Ontario Nurses’ Association builds strong activism and advocacy efforts by developing leaders at all levels to engage members in collective action. This vital work keeps our union strong at the Provincial, Local and Bargaining Unit levels. We invite you to join with us in improving the quality of work-life for all members, to enable us to provide quality health care.

The ONA constitution allows for the formation of Board of Directors (BOD) committees.  The 2018-2019 Governance Review recommended the establishment of three Standing Committees of the Board, which the ONA Board supported.

  • Finance and Risk
  • Governance and Nominations
  • Quality of Service to Members

The creation of these committees would serve a couple of purposes:

  • to assist the BOD in fulfilling its fiduciary duties and accountabilities while including direct membership input; and
  • to create a platform for membership involvement, leadership development and succession planning.

These Committees will make recommendations and forward those recommendations to the BOD for its approval. Each Committee and/or Sub-committee would be supported by dedicated staff in consultation with the CEO.

The Board Committees include representation from both the Board and the membership.

TERM:  Three years, commencing January 1 and terminating three years hence on December 31.

MEETINGS: Quarterly; remote attendance will be encouraged; at least one meeting of the Committee to take place in Toronto.


Preferred leadership qualities:

  • Leadership
    • Visionary
      • Seeing and communicating the big picture
    • Task Achievement
      • Technical knowledge pertaining to scope of Committee work
      • ONA knowledge
      • Strategic planning
    • Building Relationships
      • Communication skills
      • Good at interpersonal relationships
    • Personal Qualities
      • Integrity and truth
      • Developing others
    • Member with entitlements

ORIENTATION AND EDUCATION:  The members of the Committees will receive an extensive orientation/education that will begin with the inaugural meeting of the Committee that will enable all participants to make effective contributions to the Committee’s work.  The expectation is that all members will be available for education/orientation in person.

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