Workshop Calendar:

How to be a Great ONA Unit Representative

Date:Thursday January 17, 2019 - Thursday January 17, 2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

City: Thunder Bay

Location: Valhalla Inn,1 Valhalla Inn Road,Thunder Bay

Contact: your Local Coordinator or Bargaining Unit President

Servicing Team: North District Service Team

Registration Deadline: Thursday December 27, 2018


After this workshop, the member will be able to:
- Translate Unit Representative accountabilities into actions.
- List ONA services and the advantages of membership with entitlements.
- Refer labour relations matters in the Bargaining Unit.
- Identify the Unit Representative's role in the grievance process.
- Identify the Unit Representative's role in the workload reporting process.

Target members:
- Unit Representatives
- Any novice ONA Representative at the Bargaining Unit or Local level, including Bargaining Unit Presidents
- Front-line ONA members interested in getting involved with the union.

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