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Teleconnect HS - Workplace Violence Prevention & Hospital Quality Improvement Plans

Date:Tuesday March 05, 2019 - Tuesday March 05, 2019

Time: 16:30 - 18:00


Workplace Violence Prevention & Hospital Quality Improvement Plans: An Update from Health Quality Ontario

Workplace violence prevention indicators were added to the hospital Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) beginning in 2018/19. This indicator is a mandatory indicator and is the result of Recommendation #19 from the Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare Leadership Table report, which aims to ensure that workplace violence prevention becomes part of the quality improvement culture in hospitals. QIPs are submitted annually to Health Quality Ontario and are a public commitment that hospitals make to improving care – they are publicly posted and require board sign-off and regular oversight. Hospitals are also encouraged to move beyond their required consultations with their Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) to actually including JHSCs in the development of the workplace violence prevention activities within the QIP.

ONA JHSC representative and leaders are invited to learn more about the QIPs from Health Quality Ontario. This session will:
• Provide an introduction to QIPs, including timelines and key activities
• Discuss the rationale for mandating a specific indicator on workplace violence prevention in the QIPs
• Describe how the JHSC is to be involved in the development of the QIP and how JHSC representatives and quality improvement teams can work together on this important issue
• Describe observations and lessons learned from 2018/19
• Describe guidance and resource materials that will be available to help your employer develop their QIP and implement it in your workplace

Information about QIPs can be accessed here:

This webinar will be of particular interest to ONA’s Hospital Bargaining Unit Health and Safety Representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents, Local Coordinators and JHSC members. Leaders and JHSC ONA representatives in other sectors will also find this webinar useful because your employers may also submit QIPs to Health Quality Ontario. (While this new indicator on workplace violence is not mandatory in the QIPs of long-term care homes, home care organizations and interprofessional primary care organizations, many of these organizations may decide to integrate workplace violence into their QIPs.)

Speakers will include Sudha Kutty, Director of Quality Improvement Strategies and Adoption; Danyal Martin, Manager, Quality Improvement Strategies & Quality Improvement Plans; Health Quality Ontario; and ONA Health and Safety Specialist Erna Bujna. The speakers will walk through how Recommendation #19 of the Leadership Table report is being implemented through this ground-breaking new initiative and how employer quality improvement representatives and JHSC members will work together to support improvement on workplace violence prevention.

Following the presentation there will be an interactive question-and-answer session.

ONA members can register for the webinar by sending an email to Members will be required to provide their full name, ONA ID number and the name of their employer. Members should register using a personal email address or an ONA-sponsored email address, if they have one, as materials and dial-in information will not be sent to an employer-sponsored email account to ensure confidential information is secure. Once registered, members will receive a response that will include a link to join the webinar. For members who do not have access to internet, a telephone number needed to call in, as well as the access code to enter will be provided.

When registering for the webinar, members will also be able to pre-submit any questions they would like addressed during the presentation.

PowerPoint slides of the presentation will be emailed to registrants prior to the webinar. The presentation and related materials will be posted on the ONA website at following the webinar.

A recording of the session will be available after the session has ended. This recording will also be available online in the Executive Section of ONA’s website approximately two weeks after the session. Front-line members can access the recorded version of the webinar via their Bargaining Unit President. Bargaining Unit Presidents can contact Help Desk for assistance with this.

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