Workshop Calendar:

How to be the Best Bargaining Unit President

Date:Thursday March 14, 2019 - Thursday March 14, 2019

Time: 09:00 - 16:30

City: Timmins

Location: Cedar Meadows Resort,1000 Rue Norman Street,Timmins

Contact: your Local Coordinator or Bargaining Unit President

Servicing Team: North District Service Team

Registration Deadline: Thursday February 21, 2019


This workshop provides Bargaining Unit Presidents with the opportunity to become familiar with their accountabilities, roles and responsibilities, best practices, tasks and deadlines, meetings and the administrative tasks of the Bargaining Unit President. More importantly, Bargaining Unit Presidents will benefit from the experience of others in the workshop and have the opportunity to discuss best practices in every aspect of their role.

Target Members: Bargaining Unit Presidents who have at least 6 months or more experience.

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