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Election Process at the Local and Bargaining Unit Level - Private Workshop for Local 17

Date:Monday May 03, 2021 - Monday May 03, 2021

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Location: Digital Meeting,

Contact: your Local Coordinator or Bargaining Unit President

Servicing Team: West District Service Team

Registration Deadline: Friday April 30, 2021


Registration Deadline: Friday April 30, 2021 at 08:30

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In this workshop delivered digitally via Zoom, the member will:
•  Describe the Constitutional requirements regarding the election process. This is pre-work that should be done prior to digital delivery if members are not familiar with this content.
•  Explain the election process at the Local and Bargaining Unit level as based on the Local and Bargaining Unit Election Policy.
•  Recognize leadership accountabilities and best practices in the election process.

The Regional Vice President attends to share best practices to ensure Locals and Bargaining Units adhere to ONA Policy and the ONA Constitution when guiding and participating in elections.

Target Members:
•  Bargaining Unit Presidents
•  Local Coordinators
•  Local Executive and/or Bargaining Unit leadership team members
•  Local Election Committee

Members can expect an interactive workshop as the tools and features available in Zoom provide the ability to share thoughts, discuss the topic at hand, watch videos, participate in polls and provide an anonymous evaluation of the workshop at the end of the session.

Members will need to have the following in order to participate:
1.  A device that has good quality speakers, a microphone (this is usually integrated in newer devices), a web cam, and an internet connection.
2.  The Zoom App downloaded on their device in advance of the workshop.

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