Past Teleconnect: #MeToo and Time's Up: A Sea Change for Sexual Harassment Issues?

April 10, 2018

Since October 2017 we have seen a wave of allegations of sexual misconduct against numerous celebrities and politicians be reported and believed, resulting in unprecedented consequences for the alleged perpetrators.

Hosted by return to work specialist Pauline Lefebvre-Hinton, litigators Alison Dover and Sandy Donaldson, and Region 1 Vice-President Pam Mancuso (Human Rights and Equity portfolio), this session will take participants through the history of the "#MeToo/Time's Up" movements with an aim of identifying what has actually changed and where things may be headed.

The presentation will include a summary of the law related to sexual harassment and a discussion of the resources available to our members.

This teleconnect will be of particular interest to Human Rights and Equity Bargaining Unit Representatives, Safe Return to Work/Work Accommodation Representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Local Coordinators.