Past Teleconnect: Age Discrimination in the Workplace

April 23, 2019

Join ONA members and staff for a new interactive format, to discuss ageism in the workplace. Ageism is often a cause for individual acts of discrimination as well as discrimination that is more systemic in nature. Age discrimination involves treating persons in an unequal fashion due to age in a way that is contrary to human rights law.

The presentation will also address any pre-submitted questions from ONA members. The last portion of the teleconference will consist of questions and answers from participants. Pam Mancuso, Vice-President, Region 1, will be the moderator for this teleconnect.

The session will be a presentation delivered by Rajeev Burman and Jane Zhang, ONA Legal Counsel, along with members of the Human Rights and Team on experiences of age discrimination in the workplace.

This teleconnect will be of particular interest to Human Rights and Equity Bargaining Unit Representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Local Coordinators and other members.

Materials and audio from this teleconnect are confidential in nature and will be available on the executive side of the ONA website.