Past Teleconnect: Black History Month: An ONA Perspective

February 5, 2019

Black History Month: An ONA Perspective

This teleconnect will be of particular interest to Human Rights and Equity Bargaining Unit Representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Local Coordinators and other members. A discussion with ONA members and staff celebrating Black History month, as we reflect on achievements and the continuing struggle for recognition and substantive equality.

The presentation will also address any pre-submitted questions from ONA members. The last portion of the teleconference will consist of questions and answers from participants. Pam Mancuso, Vice-President, Region 1, will be the moderator for this teleconnect.

The session will be delivered by Sophia Ruddock and Dena Smith Springer, Lawyers from the Legal Expense Assistance Plan Team

ONA members will be able to register for the teleconnect by sending an email to Members will be required to provide their name and ONA ID number. Once registered, the member will receive a response, which will include the teleconnect call-in number, as well as the conference PIN number.

Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. ONA reserves the right to limit the number of registrants.