When we hear that one of our co-workers is ill or has been injured at work, we usually think about how the illness/injury will impact the worker’s day-to-day life.

The injured worker may incur financial hardship (due to lost wages and benefits) and it may affect her quality of life which can cause a strain on family, friends and co-workers.

According to the Canadian Survey on Disability, about 3.8 million Canadians reported in 2012 that they were sometimes or often limited in their daily activity due to a disability. Given that there are many forms of disability – acute or chronic, physical, mental or cognitive – it’s easy to see how disability touches most people at some point in their lives.

ONA believes that every member has the right to equal opportunity and full participation in the workplace. As such, we have developed important resources for members, leaders and stakeholders to assist workers in the accommodation and return-to-work process.