Past Teleconnect: How ONA is Resolving Workload Issues in Today's Endoscopy and OR Units

January 30, 2018

During this one-hour session, ONA’s Professional Practice Specialist will present on common workload issues faced by our members in both Endoscopy and Operating Rooms across the province, including changes to the nursing models in these practice settings by the employers, how these workload issues are impacting patient care and how to use the Professional Responsibility process to resolve these workload issues. The College of Nurses' and ORNAC standards will be reviewed, tips on how to complete the workload forms will be shared and more recent settlements will be discussed.

This teleconnect will be of particular interest to ONA’s Bargaining Unit representatives, workload and professional responsibility representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Local Coordinators, and front-line members.

Materials and audio from this teleconnect are confidential in nature and can be accessed on the executive side of the ONA website.