Past Teleconnect: The Professional Responsibility Workload Report Process and College of Nurses 2019 Code of Conduct

September 17, 2019

During this 90-minute teleconnect, ONA’s Professional Practice Specialist will present a brief overview of the College of Nurses 2019 Code of Conduct as well as the professional responsibility process. In this presentation, we will review how to effectively engage in the professional responsibility process to resolve workload issues, as well as the types of resolutions that can be achieved. Part of the presentation will include examples of general recommendations for common workload issues that have been achieved and can be applied in many different sectors.

This teleconnect will be of particular interest to ONA’s Bargaining Unit representatives, workload and professional responsibility representatives, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Local Coordinators, and front-line members.

Materials and audio from this teleconnect are confidential in nature and will be available on the executive side of the ONA website.