2019 Elections for the Victorian Order of Nurses Central Negotiating Team

April 2, 2019

The cut-off date for receipt of nominations for representatives to the Victorian Order of Nurses Central Negotiating Team election has now passed.

The names of the nominees are as follows.

Victorian Order of Nurses Nominations 2019

Region Name Local Bargaining Unit
1 Lucja Masoom - article Lucja Masoom - resume 14 VON Thunder Bay
2 Katherine Maynard  - resume 3 VON Peterborough, Victoria & Haliburton
3 Lorna Thompson - resume 43 VON Toronto/York
4 Heather Wareing - resume 7 VON Brantford

Click here to download the Candidates' information including contact information.

A Ticket of Nominations with a mail-in ballot will be sent to all members in the VON sector by April 15, 2019. Members will be entitled to vote for three candidates.

Please remember that the ONA Group/Central Negotiating Teams Election Policy allows a candidate to request the sending of up to three emails to the appropriate ONA provincially sponsored GroupWise leadership electronic database. These emails will be sent only from the CEO/CAO after review and approval. There should be no other emails sent using the provincially sponsored ONA database or any ONA contact lists by either a candidate or anyone acting on behalf of or in support of a candidate. (Note if consent is provided, then a candidate may communicate to a leader’s individual ONA GroupWise email address.)

Questions or inquiries about the election process may be sent to chiefelectoralofficer@ona.org.

Thanks to all candidates for letting their name stand.