2023 By-Election for Region 4 Vice-President

April 26, 2023

The cut-off for receipt of nominations for Region 4 Vice-President has passed. The names of the nominees are noted below. All nominees have met the eligibility requirements under the ONA Constitution.


Region Position Candidate Name Local Email Candidate Information (Select to view)
4 Vice-President Rob Bannerman 7 VoteRob4VP@gmail.com Resume | Article
4 Vice-President Grace Pierias 75 gracepierias@gmail.com Resume | Article
4 Vice-President Laurie Rogers 238 Laurie_rogers5@hotmail.com Resume | Article

Thanks to all candidates for letting their name stand.

The Ticket of Nominations along with voting information including personal pin numbers will be mailed to membership in Region 4 during the week of May 8, 2023.

Please remember that the ONA Provincial Election Policy allows a candidate to request the sending of up to three emails to all local leaders using the Association’s email system. These emails will be sent only from the CEO after review and approval. There should be no other emails sent using the provincially sponsored ONA database or any ONA contact lists by either a candidate or anyone acting on behalf of or in support of a candidate. (Note: if consent is provided then a candidate may communicate to a leader’s individual ONA email address).

ONA will facilitate the sending of up to two emails to ONA membership on behalf of candidates. These emails will be sent from the CEO after review and approval. Candidates will be advised as to the date that email content must be provided to the CEO in order to be included in the email to ONA membership.

Meet the Candidates

Hear directly from candidates about their perspectives, positions and plans.

If you have questions about the election process, please email chiefelectoralofficer@ona.org.

The Call for Nominations package (PDF) includes the following:

  1. Letter from the Chief Executive Officer.
  2. ONA Vision, Mission and Values Statements.
  3. Provincial Election Policy.
  4. Instructions to Local Coordinators, Bargaining Unit Presidents and Secretaries of Chartered Local Associations in Region 4.
  5. Résumé Criteria.
  6. Board of Directors’ Responsibilities and Duties.
  7. Board Members’ Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct (Policy 5.15).
  8. Nomination Form and Résumé Form.