Equal Pay Day

March 25, 2021

First recognized in Ontario in 2014, Equal Pay Day is used to demonstrate that women – who generally earn less than men – must work longer to earn the same amount that men earned in the previous year.

This year, Equal Pay Day is on Wednesday, April 7. This date is used to illustrate how long a woman would have to work into the next year to earn the same salary as a man would in the previous year.

The actual date of Equal Pay Day can be considered symbolic because it cannot factor in the different methods of calculating the gender wage gap and the way in which the gender wage gap applies to different subsets of women.

Research has shown that the gender wage gap varies based on race, age, occupation, educational background and location. This makes finding an exact calculation of the gender wage gap quite challenging. For detailed information about the various ways to measure the gender wage gap, take a look through the Statistics Canada report: Measuring and Analyzing the Gender Pay Gap .

Marking Equal Pay Day brings attention to issues of inequality helps start discussions and bring forward solutions to narrow the gender wage gap in Ontario.


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Andrea Sobko, Legal Counsel and ONA’s Pay Equity Specialist