Join us June 28 as we call for OHIP for All people living in Ontario!

June 21, 2016

In Canada, we believe we have a universal healthcare system, but in reality, many are denied healthcare coverage due to their immigration status. Over 200,000 Ontario residents are denied health coverage due to their immigration status.

ONA members and staff are invited to help kick off the OHIP for All campaign outside the Ministry of Health (900 Bay Street, Toronto) on June 28 from 12-1 p.m.. Click here for event details. Events are also taking place in other cities across Ontario (see list below.)

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OHIP For All is a group of physicians, health providers and grassroots groups who are building on the sanctuary city work that was done in Ontario to pressure the government to create a comprehensive policy that will provide OHIP For All. Health care is a human right everyone deserves. Specifically, they are calling on the Ontario government to:
1. To end the 3 month waiting period that prevents new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, and returning Canadians from accessing OHIP.

2. To provide OHIP coverage to those with temporary residency status, such as temporary foreign workers between contracts, and international students.

3. To provide OHIP coverage for those with pending inland immigration sponsorship, and humanitarian and compassionate applications.

4. To provide OHIP coverage for other non-status individuals residing in Ontario.