Breaking News: A Video Message from ONA President Vicki McKenna, RN

May 10, 2018

Hello ONA Members,

I’m reaching out to update everyone on breaking news.

As you may recall, last September we were copied on a letter from former Health Minister Hoskins, directing the College of Nurses to consider allowing RPNs to extend their scope of practice into four key areas of the RN scope of practice.

Since becoming President on January 1, my top priority has been to negotiate a formal commitment from the government to step back from plans to expand the scope of practice for Registered Practical Nurses.

We all know the important role played by RPNs in the system, but equally, the RN role must be recognized, valued and preserved.

Late on Monday night, I was informed that Health Minister Jaczek sent a letter to the College of Nurses, halting any immediate consideration of an expanded scope of practice for RPNs.

Instead, the Minister has directed the College to set up a thorough consultation process with the goal of achieving consensus among key nursing organizations – including ONA, RNAO, RPNAO.

I am sending out a video message about this breaking news. You can view the video at the link below, and I encourage you to tell your members to view it as well.

In Solidarity,
Vicki McKenna, RN

A message from ONA President Vicki McKenna, RN, to ONA members (May 9 2018)