Nurses Exiting Employers and the Profession

August 3, 2021

Increasingly, we are hearing about nurses exiting employers and the nursing profession. We are trying to understand why they are leaving and what we can do to change working conditions and/or supports to keep them in the profession.

I know I don’t need to tell you this – there was a shortage of nurses in this province prior to the pandemic and this shortage is now moving towards a crisis. We need our nurses to stay in the profession to care for the patients, residents and clients in Ontario, but we also need them to have rewarding careers and be supported in their practice environments and personally.

To assist us in understanding the problem and to have meaningful data, we have developed a short survey. I am requesting that when any of your nurses exit your employer (or have in the past few months) for any reason, please send them the link to the survey on our website:

We are asking that our members be candid in their responses. Their responses will be aggregated, and all individual responses will be kept confidential unless they indicate at the end of the survey that they are willing to speak to us.

We will collect and review the data. It will be used to guide our continuing discussions with the government about the realities of your workplaces and in other forums about the state of nursing. ONA continues to push government to partner with us to develop a longterm Health Human Resources Strategy that meets our member’s needs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this initiative.

In solidarity, Vicki