OHC: Stop Health Care Privatization and Cuts

April 17, 2019

Our friends from the Ontario Health Coalition are holding a major rally at Queen's Park in support of public health care.

When: Tuesday, April 30 at noon
Where: Queen's Park, Toronto
Who: Ontario Health Coalition friends, families and colleagues
What: A major rally
Why: To support public health care and protest any cuts to our health-care system!

Please join ONA members, staff and friends to send a message to Queen's Park; Our health-care must be public!

Visit www.ohcoaliton.ca for more information, including accessing bus schedules from different regions across Ontario.

April 23- Sticker Day of Action

In the lead up to the April 30th rally, ONA is participating in a Sticker Day of Action with other health-care unions in hospitals across Ontario.

Members at many ONA bargaining units will participate by wearing stickers in their workplaces on Tuesday, April 23, to raise awarness about the risk of health-care privatization and cuts.