ONA condemns racism, violence and intimidation

February 22, 2022

In the wake of ongoing turmoil surrounding the so-called convoy protests impacting Ottawa and other locations, the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA), Canada’s largest nursing union representing 68,000 nurses and health-care professionals, is making it clear that it in no way supports this occupation and condemns the racism, intimidation, and violence by some of its supporters.

ONA should not be confused – and has no association whatsoever – with a group claiming to be comprised of nurses, which has voiced support for the convoy, and which previously organized protests targeting hospitals, health-care workers and patients in Ontario and elsewhere.

From the earliest days of this pandemic, ONA has advocated for robust precautions for health-care workers, the people we care for and the public. ONA unequivocally denounces the racism, violence and intimidation of health-care workers, our neighbours and communities that has occurred as a result of this convoy. These actions stand in stark contrast to ONA’s values of anti-racism, adherence to public health guidelines, and opposing violence against health-care workers in all its forms and manifestations.

ONA stands in solidarity with the broader labour movement, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and Canadian Labour Congress, which have condemned the hateful messages, harassment and violence that has occurred, and we echo the call for action to support the people and communities impacted.