Status of ONA Events/Meetings

May 28, 2020

Due to COVID-19 and the Emergency Orders and restrictions that are in place, the ONA Board of Directors has had to make decisions regarding our in-person events and meetings to ensure we keep our members and staff safe.

Below, is a chart of cancelled, rescheduled, and revised member events and meetings.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating COVID-19 and we will continue to review our business activities and member events and meetings to determine how to proceed with them, based on the information we will have at the time. As new decisions are made, this information will be updated.

For the latest updates on COVID-19, go to the COVID-19 Updates page on our website.

Event Previous Date Change to Event New Date
CLC Convention May 4-8 Postponed by CLC. New Date TBD.
All May ACCs
Region 2: May 6-7
Region 3: May 20
Region 1: May 20-22
Region 4: May 27-28
Region 5: May 28-29
Dates have been rescheduled to accommodate these meetings via Zoom.
Region 2: May 7
Region 3: May 20
Region 1: May 20-21
Region 4: May 27
Region 5: May 29
All May Health and Safety Caucuses
Region 2: May 5
Region 3: May 19
Region 1: May 21
Region 4: May 26
Region 5: May 27
All Health and Safety Caucuses have been postponed until the fall. Region 2: October 8
Region 3: October 13
Region 1: October 6
Region 4: October 29
Region 5: October 22
Hospital Sector Meeting Not able to do in-person meetings – considering options to communicate/meet virtually.  TBD
Provincial Coordinators Meeting (PCM) June 16-18 Not able to do large in-person meetings so the PCM has been shortened and moved to an alternate method with a focus on business as required by the Constitution. June 17 – virtual mini-meeting (timeframe TBD)
Note: Next year’s PCM will be held in Windsor and following this, the PCM locations will go back into regular rotation.
Board Committee Orientation  June 25-26 Rescheduled to September  September 17-18