Algoma Public Health Nurses rally for fairness!

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The 54 Public Health Nurses and Nurse Practitioners have been without a contract since April 1, 2017.

This group of predominantly female professionals deserves a collective agreement that is respectful of their skill, knowledge and dedication to our patients and our communities at large. Despite having the same skills and responsibilities as their counterparts across the province, these Public Health Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are the second-lowest paid in Ontario.

Our Public Health Nurses and Nurse Practitioners deserve respect, fairness and equity.

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I Support Fairness: Give Public Health Nurses and Nurse Practitioners a Fair Contract

Members of the Algoma Public Health Board of Health; City of Sault Ste. Marie Council Members; Prince Township Council Members; Plummer Additional Township Council Members; Blind River Township Council Members; Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament; Ross Romano, Member of Provincial Parliament

Ontario Nurses' Association

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