Workshop Calendar

Use the MONTH VIEW to search for workshops scheduled within a selected month. Use the YEAR VIEW to search for workshops scheduled throughout the next 12 months. To find provincial teleconnects, select the ‘Provincial’ filter in the ‘Filter by Region’ drop down menu. Please view our Education Brochure for a full list of workshop offerings.

As we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions on mass gatherings, we have pivoted all in-person meetings/workshops to a digital environment allowing any member to attend education from the safety of their own space.


  1. Our digital workshops will be delivered via Zoom. Please carefully read our “Zoom Info Sheet for Members” and take action on arranging all requirements well in advance of the workshop.
  2. Due to the focused nature of some of our workshops, there may be background/pre-work/reading suggested to ensure that each participant has the best learning experience possible. The Brochure indicates which of our workshops have pre-work. Be sure to budget time to do this work in advance of the workshop. This work will be provided to you in your registration confirmation email.
  3. These workshops do not contain specific COVID-19 information. Please contact for assistance.





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