The Education Brochure outlines the current educational opportunities for ONA members and CNSA students. The Brochure details everything you need to know about ONA education: workshop descriptions, provincial workshops and teleconnect details and our online eLearning platform.

Foundational Workshops

Each year, the ONA Board of Directors selects a handful of workshops that highlight ONA work and the functioning of union business. The MEE Team schedules these workshops automatically in every ONA region in the province to ensure they are accessible for members.

In 2020, our Foundational Workshops are:

  1. Introduction to Being an ONA Representative (full-day)
  2. Grievance Process (full-day)
  3. Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process (full-day)
  4. Election Process at the Local and Bargaining Unit Level (half-day)

To view the content of our Foundational Workshops, please view our Education Brochure.

To find out when your Region’s Foundational Workshops are scheduled, visit our online Workshop Calendar.

Provincial Workshops

Our provincial workshops are offered throughout the province to ensure their availability to membership.
In 2020, our Provincial Workshops are:

  • New Bargaining Unit Presidents and New Grievance Chairs Workshop via Webinar
  • Hospital Central Contract Interpretation
  • Homes Central Contract Interpretation
  • Making It Count at Labour Management Meetings
  • Making It Count at Return to Work and Accommodation Meetings
  • Making It Count at Investigations and Disciplinary Meetings
  • Health and Safety Caucus
  • Secretaries Teleconnect
  • Leadership Summit

To view the content of our Provincial Workshops, please view our Education Brochure.

To find out when our Provincial Workshops are scheduled, visit our online Workshop Calendar.

Recommendations for Newly Organized Bargaining Units

Five lecturettes specifically designed for newly organized Bargaining Units are available. It is recommended that at least the leadership of a newly organized Bargaining Unit attend these lecturettes, as well as the “Preparing Your Team for Negotiations” workshop.

Please review ONA Policy 25.3 – Negotiations: First Collective Agreement or Pay Equity, and ONA Policy 26.9 – Educational Support Grant for more information.

The five lecturettes are:

  1. Membership with Entitlements
  2. Introduction to Negotiations
  3. The CNO Standards and Professional Practice
  4. Health and Safety and You
  5. Basic Introduction to Human Rights










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