ONA’s eLearning Platform is available to all ONA members and CNSA students. It is free and easy to access! Users work through programs and videos at their own pace and convenience, with the option to download a certificate upon completion.

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List of Programs and Videos

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility

  • Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Allied Health Sector
  • Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Community Care Access Centre
  • Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Public Health Sector
  • Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Long Term Care Sector
  • Professional Responsibility Workload Reporting Process – Hospital Sector
  • ONA Professional Practice (video)
  • Pack a Punch at Labour Management Meetings (video)
  • RN/RPN Scope of Practice and the CNO Three Factor Framework (video)
  • Understanding Conflict (video)
  • Be a P.R.C. P.R.O. (video)
  • How to be Both a Professional and a Union Member (video)
Human Rights and Equity

Human Rights and Equity

  • Drop by Drop: Micro-inequities in the Workplace (video)
  • Duty to Accommodate (video)
  • Harassment, Mobbing and Bullying (video)
Health and Safety

Health and Safety

  • Harassment, Mobbing and Bullying
  • Managing Disruptive Physician Behaviour (video)
  • Return to Work Level I: Is your workplace making you sick?
  • Return to Work Level II: Legislation
  • Return to Work Level III: Barriers in the Process
  • Return to Work Level IV: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Return to Work Level V: Representing Members Effectively in Return to Work
  • Return to Work Level VI: Representing Members with Mental Disabilities and Addictions
  • Return to Work Level VII: Dealing with Safety Concerns in Return to Work
  • Workers Safety and Insurance Act – What You Need to Know
Contract Administration

Contract Administration

  • Disability Income Protection Plan – Hospital Sector
  • Disability Income Protection Plan – Long Term Care and Community Sectors
  • Negotiations Basic: What Members Need to Know
  • Negotiations Level I: So You Are Elected. Now What?
  • Negotiations Level II: The Power of Preparation
  • Negotiations Level III: You are at the Negotiation Table: The Who, What and How of Communication
  • Negotiations Level IV: No Settlement, Off to Arbitration
  • Negotiations Level V: No Settlement! Strike or Lockout?
  • Negotiations Level VI: Settlement… Are We Done Yet?
  • Grievance Procedure (video)
  • Grievance Level I: So, You Have a Grievance: How does the Grievance Process Work?
  • Grievance Level II: A Member Asks “Do I have a Grievance?” Now What?
  • How to be a Great ONA Unit Representative! (video)
Running Your Local/Bargaining Unit

Running Your Local/Bargaining Unit

  • Effective Meetings (video)
Certificates and Promotional Materials

Earn Certificates

Certificates are available at the successful completion of programs and videos. Most of our programs contain multiple modules. To obtain a certificate for a program, you must complete all of the modules in a program and obtain at least 80% on the final evaluation. Our videos are broken down into segments to make viewing (uploading) quicker. To obtain a certificate for a video, all segments must be viewed entirely.

There is no limit to the number of times you can go through a program, module, video or attempt a quiz. All programs have quizzes, but videos do not.

For instructions on how to download a certificate, click here.

Note: The platform requires time to record all of your activity and generate your certificate. Please allow a couple of minutes and refresh your web page to access your certificate.

Promotional Materials

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