Our members experience many practice issues related to quality patient care. Below are some of the key issues that our members have identified that may impact on quality care and other health care issues.

Quality of Care

Quality of Care is measured by many dimensions. High quality care is:

  • Evidence-based (appropriate)
  • Focused on the patient (patient-centred)
  • Safe
  • Timely (from the Canadian Institute for Health Information)

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Appropriate staffing requires adequate baseline staffing and replacement resources to ensure positive patient outcomes, safety and quality of care.

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Skill Mix

Appropriate staffing is not dependent merely upon the numbers of nurses providing care on a clinical ward, but involves having nurses with the right skill, experience, education, working within the right type of staffing model and the right mix of other health care providers.

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Surge Capacity

Requires ensuring patients have access to quality care when demands exceed the available resources. It means having the ability to provide adequate medical resources during events that exceed the limits of normal infrastructure of an affected community.

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