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Workshops are free for ONA members and CNSA students!


  • Registration is required for all workshops and lecturettes. Utilize your Access ONA account to register:
  • To allow our facilitators and support staff adequate time to prepare for workshops, a registration deadline is in place.
    • Some workshops require a 7-day deadline, while others require a 21-day deadline.
    • The deadline for each workshop is published on the workshop details page – click on the workshop in our calendar to view:
  • Our workshops have a minimum and maximum number of registrations given the designed activities crucial to adult learning.
    • The minimum number of registrants for most workshops is 3. If there are less than 3 registrants, the workshop will be canceled. This decision is made shortly after the registration deadline.
    • Most of our workshops allow for a maximum of 25 registrants. When a workshop is full, a notice will appear on the workshop details page and registration will no longer be possible. Please search the calendar for the next available workshop date.
  • ONA workshops are available to non-ONA members upon invitation by a Local at a cost of $100 per person, per day.


  • If you are seeking reimbursement for meals, accommodation, salary or travel (MAST) for attendance at a workshop , this may be available based on budget as determined by Local policy.
  • If you wish to be reimbursed, you must contact your Local Coordinator for approval of reimbursement in advance of the workshop.
  • If you are not seeking reimbursement for your participation in an ONA workshop, letting your Local know of your interest in ONA education is a great idea.

If you require assistance with your Access ONA account, please contact our IT HelpDesk at ext. 2328 or

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