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In our communities, ONA members face a wide array of issues that impact health care. We have the expertise and experience to help Locals execute public awareness and advocacy campaigns.

ONA has developed several tools and resources that can help you increase awareness and promote positive change.

Contact ONA’s Communications and Government Relations team at for help with your local campaign!

ONA Guide to Local Action: Tips on What to Do When Action is Needed Now

This guide offers a very convenient and easy-to-use set of tips and techniques to keep handy and refer to when faced with a local issue.

Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make casual conversations very easy, and are a part of everyday life for millions including health-care professionals.

Whether you’re looking for information, hoping to exchange ideas or connect with colleagues, there is a social media platform that can work for you. But while these are online tools, you have the same responsibilities there as you do anywhere else.

As a health-care professional, you are evaluated at a higher standard regarding your “communications.” You should feel free to follow and participate in conversations on social media while ensuring you are meeting your professional standard expectations.

We’ve prepared a guide for ONA members who want to connect and join the conversation on social media. “How to Navigate Social Media Effectively: A Best Practices Primer from Your Union” includes tips, tricks and how-to guides for ONA members looking to get the most out of social media.

Your Strategic Communications Delivered! How ONA’s Communications and Government Relations Team can help you achieve your communications goals

This publication promotes the range of expertise, advice, assistance and services we provide to ONA members, leaders, staff and nursing student affiliates.

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