About Bill 124 and Actions

June 2022 Provincial Election

We urge Ontarians to pay close attention to the promises made by the political parties, and to vote for protecting public health care on June 2.

Visit Nurses Vote for a comparison of party platforms, including where they stand on repealing Bill 124.

We have also launched a province-wide multi-media ad campaign, Nurses Fighting for Change.

Learn about Bill 124, ONA’s actions to date, and how we can support your actions.

In 2019, the Ford government introduced and passed Bill 124, wage-suppression legislation negatively impacting registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and health-care professionals. This Bill limits wage increases to a maximum of one per cent total compensation for three years.

ONA also believes the Bill interferes with Charter rights to freely bargain. ONA has launched a Charter challenge against this bill.

As nurses and health-care professionals, we do our best to provide high-quality care to our patients, residents, and clients day in and day out. Our invaluable work has never been more apparent than during COVID-19.

Yet, because of Bill 124, the arbitrator who recently released the new collective agreement for hospital-sector members clearly stated that Bill 124 tied his hands with regard to monetary issues.

We deserve equity, fairness and respect.

While awaiting the Charter challenge case to begin, ONA is calling on the government to REPEAL BILL 124.

ONA’s actions, so far

ONA is deeply disappointed with the passage of Bill 124, and we were swift to act and message our frustration to members, the public and the government.

Among our many actions, ONA has also highlighted the gender discrimination in the legislation and has discussed the issues at length with media across the province. ONA media releases, which have been picked up by many major media outlets, were also shared on social media.

ONA has never stopped lobbying the government, participating in multiple meetings and consultations, and meeting directly with the President of the Treasury Board to express our members’ deep concerns with Bill 124.

How you can take action, and how we can help:

We are here to help you voice your concerns about Bill 124. Here’s what you can do:

Don’t forget to share these actions with your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours.

Have other ideas or need more support? Please email us at onamail@ona.org. We are here to help.

Now more than ever, we deserve recognition and reward. A fair and respectful wage increase is long overdue, and Bill 124 further prevents a fair increase.

Our provincial government has called registered nurses, nurse practitioners and health-care professionals heroes. It is time for this government to show that they consider us heroes. They need to take action and repeal Bill 124 now.

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