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The Value of ONA Education: the Member Education Team designs and delivers workshops valuable to members across all health-care sectors.

Our workshops are interactive and provide members the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices. The benefits of participating in ONA education are to:

  • Understand how the Collective Agreement and legislation impact your workplace and work life.
  • Develop skills to represent your members in all aspects of service delivery so that members’ rights are protected and their terms and conditions of employment adhere to the Collective Agreement.
  • Understand ONA’s governance structure at the Bargaining Unit, Local and Provincial levels and to develop skills to enable you to take on leadership roles at all 3 levels.

Contact the Member Education Team (MET)

If you have questions or concerns about ONA education opportunities, please contact our MET Intake by phone at (416) 964-8833 / Toll-free (800) 387-5580 ext. 2468 or email at

Vice-President, Education Portfolio: Dawn Armstrong
Manager, Member Education: Lorrie Daniels


Education Brochure

Our Education Brochure outlines current educational opportunities for ONA Members and CNSA Students. It details everything you need to know about ONA education, including the benefits of participating, how to register, what to expect and a description of all available workshops!

Learning Pathways

Our Learning Pathways document outlines recommended workshops and provincial events that will assist members in developing their skills in union leadership positions.

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