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Liability Insurance Plan (malpractice)

Application form for newly organized members not yet paying dues

This application form is for newly organized members not yet paying dues. This is a one-time payment for coverage of LEAP and/or Excess Professional Liability Insurance until dues deductions commence.

Important information for ONA members volunteering or working at non-ONA facilities

With a number of ONA members volunteering or working at Covid vaccine centres or summer camps, you might have questions about malpractice coverage in these non-ONA settings. It’s important members are aware that ONA’s malpractice insurance or “Professional Liability Plan” (PLP) does not offer protection in these settings.

ONA employers carry malpractice insurance that covers ONA members for issues that arise in the course of their employment at the ONA facility. In addition, ONA’s PLP offers additional, secondary coverage, should a malpractice lawsuit result in an order or settlement that is greater than the amount of the employer’s coverage. However, ONA’s PLP coverage does not attach to the individual member outside of their ONA employment setting.

That means, if an ONA member is working, or even volunteering, in another setting, they need additional malpractice coverage. The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) requires that every member, except those in the Non-Practicing Class, must have Professional Liability Protection (PLP), even if they are not working. The minimum coverage required is $1 million for RNs and RPNs and $5 million for NPs. Members who volunteer or work in a non-ONA setting will need to check that their employer offers this amount of malpractice coverage. If the employer doesn’t offer coverage or has inadequate coverage, members need to procure their own insurance, either through a private insurance plan or, perhaps, through an organization such as the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).

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