Registered nurses are integral to providing safe, ethical and quality care to patients, clients and residents and are key to the overall delivery of health care services across Ontario.

In recent years, nurses have struggled with many issues that have negatively impacted their ability to provide quality care. From RN cuts to skill mix issues and surge capacity, our members face workplace challenges each and every day. At ONA, we are here to stand up for safe care for our patients and support our members in their workplaces. We have developed tools and processes to assist members in resolving practice concerns. ONA is run for nurses, by nurses – we know the challenges you face every day and we will help you get results that benefits your patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Practice FAQs

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Under what circumstances should I complete a Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form?

Completing a Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form is one of the best ways to meet your professional practice standards. It allows you to document and report concerns and make recommendations to improve the quality of patient/client/resident care. When your workload or working conditions compromise your ability to meet the College of Nurses of Ontario Standards and/or when your ability to provide safe, ethical and quality care is compromised, please complete the form. For instance, if you are concerned about unsafe staffing levels or skill mix, any delayed, incomplete or missed assessments, treatments or medications, workplace policies and procedures, communications issues, equipment and supplies issues, non-nursing duties and/or lack of support staff or any other issues, please complete the form.

Where can I find the Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form?

The Professional Responsibility Workload Report Forms can be found in your workplace in each unit. If you are unable to locate the form on your unit, please ask your Bargaining Unit Representative or your Bargaining Unit President for the form. You can also find a copy of the form online on the ONA website. You can download the form, fill it in, and then distribute it. Some workplaces have an electronic process for submitting a Professional Responsibility Workload Report. If your workplace has this process, please contact your Unit Rep and/or your Bargaining Unit President who will be happy to assist you.

Whom should I give my completed form to?

There are five copies to the Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form. The copies should go to:

  • Your Manager.
  • Your Bargaining Unit President.
  • Your Labour Relations Officer. (You can give the copy for your Labour Relations Officer to your Bargaining Unit President)
  • The Chief Nursing Executive at your workplace.
  • Keep a copy for yourself.

Please make sure you press hard when you are completing the form. All copies of the form need to be legible and readable.

Who can help me complete the form?

Your Unit Rep will be happy to help you complete the form. If you don’t know who your Unit Rep is, please ask your Bargaining Unit President for assistance.

How many days do I have to submit the form after the occurrence?

You should submit the form as soon as you can after the incident. Most collective agreements contain a timeline in which the form must be submitted. For example, the Hospital Central Collective Agreement requires that the Professional Responsibility Workload Report Form should be submitted within 20 days of the occurrence.

I submitted my form but I haven’t heard back. What’s next?

Your manager is required to respond to you in writing within 10 days of receiving the form. If you do not hear back from your manager, please follow up with your Bargaining Unit President. As a best practice, we recommend meeting with your manager after you submit your form to discuss the issues. You can request an ONA representative to accompany you to this meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions