Health & Safety
Needle Safety

Every year, ONA members are exposed to deadly pathogens as a result of incidents from medical sharps devices.

Although registered nurses sustain the majority of  injuries, doctors, lab technologists, housekeeping staff, maintenance workers and other health-care workers also suffer needlestick and sharps injuries.

These injuries are also a community health concern affecting waste disposal workers, education sector workers, municipal, penal/penitentiary workers and others. Eliminating these preventable hazards is a legitimate concern for everyone at risk.

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ONA Guidance and Resources

This information will help you to learn more about needle safety and to help you prevent injuries caused by needles.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Resources

Your safety committee/co-chair has to power to write recommendations to your employer and the employer has to respond in writing within 21 days. Tailor the template below to help you get started.

Ministry of Labour Information

When inspectors find violations, they can lay charges and prosecute offenders or issue orders. Consult with your ONA bargaining unit leadership and Labour Relations Officer for help, but if danger is imminent, call your local Ministry of Labour office.


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